Elk River Printing was established in February of 1982 by Bill (Wilfred) and Joann Fish of Monticello, Minnesota. Bill had previously worked for the Elk River Star News in printing and newspaper production.

Here's how the story goes. . . in the fall of 1981, Elmer L. Anderson purchased the Elk River Star News and had to sell off the commercial printing portion of the Star News. He offered to Bill Fish, the opportunity to purchase the equipment and start his own business or the opportunity to be the production manager for the Elk River Star News. Bill and Joann made the decision to start their own business and the rest is history! Julie Fish, their daughter, was their first employee, Bill (William) Fish was their second employee. In June of 1994, Julie and Bill purchased the business from their parents and are committed to giving you the best quality and service ever!

In business, as in life, commitment is invaluable. Elk River Printing owners and employees are committed to serving our community with the finest printing products. Let us share that commitment with you!


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